Violet Yotl-Siteach

Violet Taiga Wallace Yotl-Sitheach (for her full name)
At first, she might seem like a normal woman.
Natural blond long wavy hair, green eyes.
Average tall and thin.
Not a definite clothing style but frequently too much of something. (Too big, too colourful, too retro, too hippie …) And very often with flowers.

She smiles all the time, but not the same smiles according to how she feels.

Very into photography, taking care of plants, writing and a lot of other Arts.

But there is more to Violet,
Being an ersatz of an Horror-terror that that decided to become a human baby … (yeah Steven universe meets Shub Nigurath)
She can turn her insides out to reveal a tentacular part of her.
(Also, this part is living in a sort of dreamland forest, and she’s a sort of gate to this place)
The horror-terror themes are mostly centred around tentacles, goat eyes (in place of her “normal” ones or sometimes on sorts of tentacles), and plants.

An album/song to listen

Character Drawing Permissions :

Feel free to take liberties as it's a very new character, not set in stone.
Also, representing her in very disturbing deformations, is welcome and encouraged.
But you can also just represent her in the only human form
Else, just have fun~

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