Alma Cranach

[it’s a mess so a few notes about her different forms before,
She can morph into a cat, or just adopt cat characteristics (cat/girl) and can actually also turn into a cat/boy. Those forms still have not been represented, so it’s open to interpretation.
  She has a “Dark double” that called herself Cam, she is basically Alma with spades in place of hearts and a bit more aggressive, she’s nice inside though~]

Your name is ALMA CRANACH you are 18 Years Old
You Consider yourself ADAPTATIVE and LOVABLE but some people says you are a WEIRDO.
and watching an OLD TV SHOW about an OLD GUY in an OLD BOX travelling in an OLD UNIVERSE and in OLD TIMES …
yeah, not very appealing.
You are a character from MMOSTUCK.
You’re the prospitian Witch of HEART.
You wear a top hat at all times, a dress, and unmatching stockings and boots.
Screwdriverkind strifecard
Your favourite colors are mostly purple, yellow and a bit of red
And you smile quite a lot.

Someone gifted you a CAT TOTEM and you can now turn into a full cat or “just” a cat/girl. A cat/boy form is also available so genderbent is totally canon~

You also now have a Dark split version you named Cam,

Also, your sprite can change between being the Doctor (tennant) and your Scholar Witch grandmother

You seem to have started a corpse collection, including your own (twice).

Alma is more on the science side of things
(Doctor who style)
Cam is following a witch/cultist path linked to Horrorterrors
(Eldritch grandma style)

A song to listen

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