Style : Old large shirts, old pants and jeans, Large sunglasses (whichever at hand reach)

Anja lived her entire childhood until 13 in an orphanage.
The nuns that ran the place believed that mutant and metahuman children were hosts of demons they had to exorcise.
And Anja was one of those.

In fact, she was one that gave them reasons to fear demons were at play, but they couldn’t know how much they were wrong.

Truth is, Anja is some sort of gate to the VOID, a null space between universes and realities, inhabited by horror-terrors, conceptual eldritch entities and bubbles of realities.

Anja has no control over those beings, but she can open herself to allow for passage in both ways.

She hides her eyes behind tainted glasses at all times, because her irises are a window to this place, and that the mere view of such entities is sometimes enough to drive someone insane.

And so, she never looks people she likes in the eyes, and rarely touches them, fearing they might go through her and never come again.

She is able to revert herself on her own axis, to travel to the place that she opens to (but she never tried it before as she doesn’t know if she could go back)

Technically speaking, she could open herself to any universe, but she is not yet able to control where she leads.

Later in her life she was driven to a getho as her country isolate mutants and metahumans, where she is planning her escape.

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