Style : Old large shirts, old pants and jeans, Large sunglasses (whichever at hand reach)

Anja lived her entire childhood until 13 in an orphanage.
The nuns that ran the place believed that mutant and metahuman children were hosts of demons they had to exorcise.
And Anja was one of those.

In fact, she was one that gave them reasons to fear demons were at play, but they couldn’t know how much they were wrong.

Truth is, Anja is some sort of gate to the VOID, a null space between universes and realities, inhabited by horror-terrors, conceptual eldritch entities and bubbles of realities.

Anja has no control over those beings, but she can open herself to allow for passage in both ways.

She hides her eyes behind tainted glasses at all times, because her irises are a window to this place, and that the mere view of such entities is sometimes enough to drive someone insane.

And so, she never looks people she likes in the eyes, and rarely touches them, fearing they might go through her and never come again.

She is able to revert herself on her own axis, to travel to the place that she opens to (but she never tried it before as she doesn’t know if she could go back)

Technically speaking, she could open herself to any universe, but she is not yet able to control where she leads.

Later in her life she was driven to a getho as her country isolate mutants and metahumans, where she is planning her escape.

credit : SpectralNinja

She is a young adult,
The scar on her left eye is due to a lusus attack during her childhood.
The cut also somehow split the iris (and yeah I know it’s not technichally possible but symbolism)
She usually wears her old dark long coat, black dresses or skirt/shirt displaying her zodiac symbol, and purple rangers like boots.
Her clothes are frequently very used and partially covered in mud due to a semi hobo lifestyle, and wandering in the sewers.

Citrine blood : #E4D00A

Her Lusus is some kind of parasite (it parasites other lususes) it’s aspect is still undefined so feel free to take liberties.

(ho and she has arms, or does she ? No, I’m joking, or am I ?)

Cam was Alma‘s dark double,
Long story short, Alma went free spin and through a dumbly crazy ritual they fused.
Battle for control, until being separated and forced to stand together for saving their mother … and failing at it.

Cam looks like Alma, but uses spades in place of Hearts imagery,
They are the same person, but Cam is more inclined towards magic than Alma.
So basically Alma but Witch.

Cam’s the witch and Alma’s the Heart

Now they are in good terms and even friends, if befriending yourself is something.


A song to listen

[it’s a mess so a few notes about her different forms before,
She can morph into a cat, or just adopt cat characteristics (cat/girl) and can actually also turn into a cat/boy. Those forms still have not been represented, so it’s open to interpretation.
  She has a “Dark double” that called herself Cam, she is basically Alma with spades in place of hearts and a bit more aggressive, she’s nice inside though~]

Your name is ALMA CRANACH you are 18 Years Old
You Consider yourself ADAPTATIVE and LOVABLE but some people says you are a WEIRDO.
and watching an OLD TV SHOW about an OLD GUY in an OLD BOX travelling in an OLD UNIVERSE and in OLD TIMES …
yeah, not very appealing.
You are a character from MMOSTUCK.
You’re the prospitian Witch of HEART.
You wear a top hat at all times, a dress, and unmatching stockings and boots.
Screwdriverkind strifecard
Your favourite colors are mostly purple, yellow and a bit of red
And you smile quite a lot.

Someone gifted you a CAT TOTEM and you can now turn into a full cat or “just” a cat/girl. A cat/boy form is also available so genderbent is totally canon~

You also now have a Dark split version you named Cam,

Also, your sprite can change between being the Doctor (tennant) and your Scholar Witch grandmother

You seem to have started a corpse collection, including your own (twice).

Alma is more on the science side of things
(Doctor who style)
Cam is following a witch/cultist path linked to Horrorterrors
(Eldritch grandma style)

A song to listen

Violet Taiga Wallace Yotl-Sitheach (for her full name)
At first, she might seem like a normal woman.
Natural blond long wavy hair, green eyes.
Average tall and thin.
Not a definite clothing style but frequently too much of something. (Too big, too colourful, too retro, too hippie …) And very often with flowers.

She smiles all the time, but not the same smiles according to how she feels.

Very into photography, taking care of plants, writing and a lot of other Arts.

But there is more to Violet,
Being an ersatz of an Horror-terror that that decided to become a human baby … (yeah Steven universe meets Shub Nigurath)
She can turn her insides out to reveal a tentacular part of her.
(Also, this part is living in a sort of dreamland forest, and she’s a sort of gate to this place)
The horror-terror themes are mostly centred around tentacles, goat eyes (in place of her “normal” ones or sometimes on sorts of tentacles), and plants.

An album/song to listen

Character Drawing Permissions :

Feel free to take liberties as it's a very new character, not set in stone.
Also, representing her in very disturbing deformations, is welcome and encouraged.
But you can also just represent her in the only human form
Else, just have fun~