18/05/2020 02:26
For my future selves and any passer-by

A website.
My own domain !
Where I can do anything I want … well, not anything but you get the point.

To be totally honest, I don’t really know what I’m going to do.
But you can be sure that I’ll do it.

I wandered on social media, trying to grow gardens … Not with great success.
Let’s just say the earth wasn’t fertile enough, and my devotion, lacking at least.
Will this be my great garden ? I hope so, but I can’t be sure.

So, for all of you who are me :
Did we make it ? Did we open it ? Are we proud of us ?
Are we still going ? For how long ?
Really ? This much ?
Wow, hu, I’m pleased to hear that, I really wasn’t sure if I could make it work.

Well, sorry for this apart. Yeah yeah back to you.
We will talk about the rest later, no need to keep you aside.
Then for all of you who aren’t me :
hello, take a seat, I wasn’t expecting you to come here.
Who am I kidding, of course I was, I wouldn’t have written this I I wasn’t.
But I wasn’t expecting you in particular.
Here, take some tea.
I’m flattered that you took the time to read this.
I hope your journey to it was a bit long… Not that I don’t care about you, but it would mean that I’ve written a lot.
Hope you enjoy it, or enjoyed. I sure did, or do I hope … Time is a strange thing.

So is fiction.

Ho, you expected something more, do you want cookies with your tea ?
Not that ? You can have them anyway~
I know, I know, you want something more consistent, something real !
And I’ll give you, the Truth.
And a totally radical revelation !

Everything is fiction !

what ?
What !?
It is though !
Ho sorry, you wanted to know something about the cast, or the universe I’m creating. But those things I don’t know yet. I still haven’t witnessed them.
The only thing I know is that fundamental truth.
And don’t say that it is a dumb truth, I’ll let you say that it is the bestest truth of all. Because it transcends the reality of what I’m creating !

Still not satisfied ?
Come on, I gave you the better of me !

You want more ?
Then come and make it !

And if this didn’t convince you, it can only mean two things,
Either you need to go back working on reading what I’m writing.
Or I need to go back at making it.

Still there ?