Style : Old large shirts, old pants and jeans, Large sunglasses (whichever at hand reach)

Anja lived her entire childhood until 13 in an orphanage.
The nuns that ran the place believed that mutant and metahuman children were hosts of demons they had to exorcise.
And Anja was one of those.

In fact, she was one that gave them reasons to fear demons were at play, but they couldn’t know how much they were wrong.

Truth is, Anja is some sort of gate to the VOID, a null space between universes and realities, inhabited by horror-terrors, conceptual eldritch entities and bubbles of realities.

Anja has no control over those beings, but she can open herself to allow for passage in both ways.

She hides her eyes behind tainted glasses at all times, because her irises are a window to this place, and that the mere view of such entities is sometimes enough to drive someone insane.

And so, she never looks people she likes in the eyes, and rarely touches them, fearing they might go through her and never come again.

She is able to revert herself on her own axis, to travel to the place that she opens to (but she never tried it before as she doesn’t know if she could go back)

Technically speaking, she could open herself to any universe, but she is not yet able to control where she leads.

Later in her life she was driven to a getho as her country isolate mutants and metahumans, where she is planning her escape.

Okay, so, a lot happened this summer, but we’re finally getting back at it.

What’s up then ?

Most notable things are,
– a new game jam.
– more TTRPG characters and sessions coming,
– the Invictus TTRPG project,

So, first thing,
I’m participating in the game jam A Game By Its Cover
For short, we take a cartridge art from the Famicase Exposition
And we make it into a game.

I chose the Veiled cartridge by Dan Ingman

Every day you see the same symbol in the back of your mind, invading your thoughts. It seems to draw you to the outskirts of town, to that mysterious old mansion…

I want to make something a bit in the vibes of Fourth Wall, the first video-game I made.
I want to create the illusion of a loop, but with more progression.
And I know how I’ll do it.

Teasing you, my next game
Veiled, a game about a very long ritual, occult symbols a mysterious house and you.

I’m teaching myself unity to get more into graphic things without having to design a hellish bunch of images because … well, I calculated that if I take the project as it comes, it will have a base number of 448 endings … And that’s not even counting each step I’ll have to draw, so, yeah, trying to automatise things there.

I hope to be able at least of having the structure done by the end of the Jam, and I’ll work on every individual ending when everything else is done.
I’m even thinking about taking player’s input, so I can make it even more about you !

But, we’ll see how it goes.

There are a lot of Jams that I’m interested in participating too, but it’s a lot of work.

As I said, some more TTRPG characters incoming, I will soon write their description, except for Violet Yotl-Siteach. Because I wouldn’t want to spoil those that would follow the stream, or those that are participating in it.
All I can say is that she is part of The Invictus TTRPG project.

What is it about ?
The website explains it all but it’s a French project, so I’ll write it shortly there.

We have two wonderful DMs writing a very encyclopedic universe.

A world where Supers are not an uncommon thing to see.
A world where super corporations rule, on everything.
A world where being an Hero is just a matter of brand and point of view.

It is very inspired by a lot of super heroes media, but I have to say it is quite peculiar.
I’m not very into playing super heroes games in general, because the idea of Super Heroes fighting Super Villains.
Good vs Evils
Saints vs Heretics

It gets old pretty quick.
I not found of Manichaeism, and mostly how it enlightens suprematist ideologies in our societies.
Good, Bad, Hero, Villain, It’s the most subjective thing.

There is a wave of dark, lowish super heroism.
I mean it like dark low fantasy.
But back to the point.

That’s what I liked in The Boys the last super “heroes” serie.
That’s why I liked Villains before that wave.
There was more truth there, maybe even a question, about the way we defend our truth.

But I’ll write a praise another time.

That’s also why I like this TTRPG project.
It’s only the beginning, but there’s a lot coming up.
And well, as I said, it’s in French, but maybe I’ll try and translate it when we’ll be going.

I’ll try to update there more often now that summer’s over.
Maybe a lot more to go during October.
And wish you a very good journey.

Feel free to leave a comment or to send me a message if you have anything to ask or say.

See ya’ll !

Violet Taiga Wallace Yotl-Sitheach (for her full name)
At first, she might seem like a normal woman.
Natural blond long wavy hair, green eyes.
Average tall and thin.
Not a definite clothing style but frequently too much of something. (Too big, too colourful, too retro, too hippie …) And very often with flowers.

She smiles all the time, but not the same smiles according to how she feels.

Very into photography, taking care of plants, writing and a lot of other Arts.

But there is more to Violet,
Being an ersatz of an Horror-terror that that decided to become a human baby … (yeah Steven universe meets Shub Nigurath)
She can turn her insides out to reveal a tentacular part of her.
(Also, this part is living in a sort of dreamland forest, and she’s a sort of gate to this place)
The horror-terror themes are mostly centred around tentacles, goat eyes (in place of her “normal” ones or sometimes on sorts of tentacles), and plants.

An album/song to listen

Character Drawing Permissions :

Feel free to take liberties as it's a very new character, not set in stone.
Also, representing her in very disturbing deformations, is welcome and encouraged.
But you can also just represent her in the only human form
Else, just have fun~