The Hero in search of love

« […] out of the seventh hell. I tricked the fox queen and debated with monsters of the deep. Went through all those endeavours just to ask you one thing. »

« and what is is my dear ? »

The witch’s gaze was the kindest that ever layed upon the hero. And after catching their breath, finally claiming their prize, the one that moved sky and heart dared ask.

« I want to know what love is »

Bending to reach their height, the wise woman extended a hand towards the adventurer’s heart. And with it, her eldritch aura seemed to grasp them at their core.

Although it was an eerie feeling, it was comforting. As if a lullaby, she whispered the answer seeked for so long.

« Love is in everything, love is everything. Just as you are the universe and the universe is you, you are love and love is you. »

« I know that … I meant love in a romantic way »

« Ho … »

The presence recoiled and the one who knew every answer seemed taken aback.

The realisation came to the hero’s mind an instant after.

« You have no idea … »

« I have no idea … it is the one answer I never sought »

But the one that knew every answer less one, smiled anyway.

The hero stayed and the witch loved them.

And they lived happily ever after, loving every bit of the universe.

And they lived together for a time.

And they lived apart for a time.

The hero traveled some more.

And the witch researched some more.

Came a day they met again.

They shared every bit of their soul.

And yet, they didn’t know what romantic love was.

And yet, neither of them cared about it.

Because their love was so much deeper.

So much deeper and unrestrained.

For they didn’t need the other to love them back.

They weren’t everything for the other one.

And still were so much more.

Because they were love, and in loving the universe the universe loved them back.

And yet, I have no idea either what is this thing they call love.

I just wanted to write something with a funny twist… but now I don’t know.

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